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  • After reading the reasons why, you will never go to bed without a lemon peel on your heel again!

    Cracked heels are a frequent notion among world population. Moreover, different creams, peels, rubbing stones, etc. often require a lot of effort, money, as well as persistence. However, even if you have all these three allies, there is still a chance of failure to soften the cracked heels. But, do not worry, since one of the best natural solutions is available to everyone: lemon. First, take a lemon that is at the size of your heel and squeeze it. Use the juice for lemonade, whereas you will need the peel for the treatment. And, put a half of the peel on the heel and put on socks.

    The lemon peel will remove all the dry and hard skin. For optimal results, leave the peel overnight. You will feel the difference only after one night of treatment. Repeat the treatment several times until you notice improvement. Instead of lemon peel, you can also apply chopped onion.
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  • Your little finger reveals what a person you are

    Is it short or long, tapered or square … the shape and length of the little finger can say so much. Who would have thought that it is so true.








    sake-maliThere are various techniques that reveal your personality, and this method, which comes from South Korea, precisely reveals so much about us, just on the basis of the little finger.




    One of the factors is the length of the finger, that is, its position relative to the ring finger, and the other factor is the shape. See interpretation and compare whether it is true.








    1. Short




    Short little finger is one that does not reach the first knuckle of the ring finger. People who have a short little finger are shy and reserved, particularly in relation to people who are less familiar with. They have big dreams and goals, but mostly afraid to follow them and to realize, and if dare, can achieve whatever they want. According to others they are attentive and friendly and have a big heart.




    1. Normal




    Normal is the little finger that reaches right to the joint of the ring finger. People who have such little finger are balanced, mature personality, something can be difficult to disrupt and usually what they rarely disturbed. Because of this these people are often considered cold and distant, or just need to know them well enough to get to the warmth and richness of inner life.




    1. Long




    Long considered to be the little finger whose length exceeds the first joint of the ring finger. This means that a person is passionate and enthusiastic. They are always looking for attention and they will be in the center of many events. They are charming, charismatic … and still around them are people who want to be near them. Talented are at an advantage compared to others, but in life often have to work hard to prove.












    1. Same as ring




    If the tip of the little finger is almost equated with the tip of the ring. For these people there is little to say that they are ambitious, they are free – power-hungry. They have a good chance to become politicians, directors … celebrities and influential personalities. They have a lot of potential and can create large problems, and be of great benefit to the whole society.




    1. Low positioned




    Some people have let down the little finger relative to the other fingers, because the root of the little finger is set much lower than the root of the other fingers. That means the people who live in a dream world. They have many ambitions and plans, but about all that prefer to dream than to realize their ideas.








    1. Square shape




    If the first joint of your little finger reminiscent of a rectangle and its tip is flat, it means that you have a boxy little finger. These people have some rare traits and qualities. Are extremely honest, which is both their strength and weakness. It is hard to become friends with sensitive and offensive to people, and often refuse people with their sincerity, but when you gain a confidence, never lost. Good leaders.




    1. Spiky




    It is clear that these are people with pointy tip of their little finger, and they are, as a rule, excellent speakers and phenomenal in public performances. They are often good writers, but when it comes to eloquence, they are the best. Good diplomats and easy to learn foreign languages. They are able to resolve a very delicate situation with a lot of tact.




    1. Curved




    If the top of the little finger is bent towards the other toes, or vice versa, you belong to this group. These people often have a fear of confrontation, but not so much because it is so much fear, but because they are great pacifists and do not like conflict. Often people in this group are the peacemakers, and those who have the ability to combine separate worlds.




    Source: http://foodsandhealthylife.com/your-little-finger-reveals-what-a-person-you-are/




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    When you apply apple cider vinegar to the hemorrhoids, it is absorbed just as when you drink some pills.








    The treatment can be used in internal and external hemorrhoids, including when the hemorrhoids bleed. That ill also stop the bleeding. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar (dilute if it is necessary) and apply it to the external hemorrhoids and hold it for 30 minutes. Repeat this treatment daily if necessary. Freezing apple cider vinegar is ideal for internal hemorrhoids, all you will have to do is to freeze it like a ”bullet” and to push it frozen like that into your anus.








    The treatment will show you results in 24 hours.




    Remember to eat soft food, for three days after starting with the treatment.




    Source: http://www.cuisineandhealth.com/


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    This powerful mixture successfully eliminates white hair. In addition, it is a potent remedy that also improves skin health and vision.

    In order to prepare it and feel its benefits, you will need:

    • 200 grams of flaxseed oil
    • 3 cloves garlic (small)
    • 4 lemons
    • 1 kilogram of honey

    Method of preparation:

    Peel the lemons, and together with the garlic, put them in a blender. Mix them well. Then add honey and flaxseed oil and mix again. Put the mixture in a glass container and close well with a lid. Put the mixture in the refrigerator and keep it there.


    One tablespoon of the miraculous remedy should be consumed 30 minutes before each meal, three times a day. It is advisable to use wooden spoons instead of metal ones.

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