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  • What This Argentine Model Said About Messi Will Shock You!!! – “He’s like a ‘dead body’ in bed”

    Argentina and Barcelona Star Lionel Messi may be the best footballer in the world, but his bedroom skills are not top-notch, according to Argentine model Xoana Gonzalez, who claimed she spent time with the 26-year-old and was left unimpressed.


    In an interview on Peruvian television, Gonzalez said she met Messi in 2011 after his security detail told her that he wanted to meet.

    “His security told me ‘got someone you want to know’. I was curious to see who it was,and froze when I saw it was my idol Messi I froze.

    “I said that he is the wimp, though because he sent his security to get me. There I noticed that he is very shy.”

    She said they talked about music and could not remember if Messi said he had a girlfriend or not, but after a while, they went to his apartment in Puerto Madero.

    “When one plays across the whole pitch, you expect someone to return the favour. I wanted him to show me more than that. At one point I felt like I was with a dead body,” she said.

    Source: yen.com,gh

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  • Pastor Who Claims to have visited heaven says Jesus Christ Has a Very Hot S*xy Wife




    A popular prophet who has been very much in the news for his outrageous claims about heaven is in the news again for obvious reasons.

    Prophet Mboro, the man who made international headlines last week after his followers claimed he was ‘abducted’ by God during and Easter service and taken to heaven is back in the news again.

    Upon return, the man of cloth claimed he took pictures of heaven using his Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone,which has now gone allegedly gone missing.

    According to Southern Daily, South Africa, in the first Sunday service which he gave, the Prophet described heaven to his followers.

    The most outstanding of the revelations was that Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour of the Christian Religion, has a hot forever young ebony wife.

    The Prophet said, “I saw heaven and it is a surprise. Jesus for example, has a beautiful Xhosa wife. She is young, hot, and extremely attractive”

    Christians generally do not want to believe their lord had sex, as Leonardo Davinci claims in the Davinci Code

    Indeed some historians have tried to say that Christ probably had a wife, and enjoyed s*xual relations with Mary Magdalene.

    However, Mboro’s claims is most likely to spark a full scale controversy in South Africa and beyond.

    Source : http://howafrica.com/pastor-claims-visited-heaven-says-jesus-christ-hot-sxy-wife/

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  • Pastor fails to resurrect after telling people to bury him alive




    Five members of the same family were charged with the murder of a prophet who had been called to their their home in the village of Mazonde, Zimbabwe to help them cleanse their house of evil spirits.

    According to local newspaper, Zed 24 News, the accused family identified as Leanmore Mutero, Tonderai Muswere, Michael Muchengeti, Manasa Mutero and Nicholas Mutero, appeared at the High Court in Harare facing a murder charge for participating in the death of self-professed Prophet Shamiso Kanyama, who accidentally died during a healing ceremony.

    Pastor Kanyama had reportedly asked his followers to bury him alive so that he could summon more cleansing powers to heal the family that had been plagued by mysterious deaths.

    Zed 24 News reports that High Court Justice Owen Tagu heard how on that day, the late pastor had been invited to attend the home in the Muzarabani district, which is situated along the Mozambique-Zimbabwe border, by their priest, Zvidzai Muchengeti.

    The five men had requested the priest to help them clean their home of evil spirits, because it was causing mysterious deaths in their family.

    Responding to their request to perform a healing ceremony, Kanyama had ordered his followers to dig a grave and bury him alive because that was the way he summoned more healing powers to ward off evil spirits. However, the plan backfired on the prophet when instead of being resurrected as he supposed, the men dug up the grave again to find him dead.

    Kanyama helped to dig his own grave before praying and jumping inside, Father Zvidzai, who has turned State witness, told the High Court. He continued that after laying face down in the grave, he ordered his followers to start covering him with soil.

    “He pegged a grave-shaped pit in front of my hut and asked for help to dig the pit,” Zvidzai continued. “Deceased requested to be buried alive so that he would gain power to drive away the evil forces.”

    Fearing for the life of the prophet as the men were in the process of filling the grave, he requested the men to stop what they were doing, Joseph Taderera told Justice Tagu.

    However, they ignored his pleas when Kanyama urged them to continue the process of burying him alive, stating that he would rise from the grave unharmed.

    “I warned the men about the danger of their actions, but my advice fell on deaf ears because Kanyama shouted, telling me that I am disturbing his angels, and urged them to continue filling the grave, saying that he would later come out alive,”Taderera said.

    Story + Image from Pulse.ng

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  • Man gets stuck in another man's wife after se.x

    A Twitter user, @Kevin_teya, is claiming that a guy in Kitale, Kenya had se.x with someone’s wife and he got stuck.



    This guy in Kitale decided to mess with someone's wife..And Now 'They have refused with each other'


    This guy in Kitale decided to mess with someone's wife..And Now 'They have refused with each other'


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  • How Much Did You Think You Get If You Win 1.5 Billion Dollar Powerball Lotto

    You’ve probably heard by now that the Powerball Lotto has reached a historic draw amount at a staggering 1.5 billion dollars. However, while that is a fortune to most people, before you start making plans for your windfall you should know that taxes will leave you with considerably less than that.


    To get even close to the 1.5 billion dollar payout, you would first need to opt for taking your winnings in the installments, accumulating in 30 payments over 29 years over the immediate lump sum. If you choose the lump sum, the prize money drops 38 percent to 930 million.

    However, that’s not all that’s taken off your winnings. You then have to deal with the federal tax bill as lottery winnings are seen as regular income which, according to Melissa Labant with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, means it’s subjected to the highest federal tx rate.


    ‘If they win the jackpot, they’re going to be subjected to the highest federal tax rate of 39.6 percent. It’s a lot more significant than folks expect. You’re not the type of consumer the US government is looking to give a tax break to,’ said Labant, director of tax advocacy.

    The U.S. government also automatically withholds 25 percent of the winnings which means you’d only be taking home $232.5 million if you accepted the lump sum.

    Also, come tax season in April 2017, you’ll be expected to pay federal taxes which make up about 14.6 percent of your winnings. So save about 135.8 million dollars, you’ll be needed it.

    Finally, you’ll have to factor in state taxes which will shave off an additional 15 percent. This means, if you took the lump sum, you could end up with just 422.2 million. Still quite a fortune but not the 1.5 billion that was advertised.

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